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Advocacy Media

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George D. Williams

George D. Wiilliams is an Autism advocate and author who is passionate about issues related to adults on the spectrum. Working to educate employers about the many benefits of hiring adults on the spectrum. Writing will continue to focus on the comprehensive needs of the Autism population including housing, health care, financial planning, and employment.

Nicole Smith

Meet Nicole, a passionate human dignity warrior with a background in Law and Public Policy and a successful career in Communications. For over a decade, she has been championing human rights domestically and internationally, leading impactful campaigns that secured the release of persecuted Christians worldwide. In 2020, Nicole faced a life-altering experience when her daughter […]

Simon Manda

Simon Manda is the co-founder and editor of THISABILITY Newspaper, a platform to showcase people with disabilities who are living their lives as normally as they can. Hear Manda’s take on how you can “move together” with people with disabilities, as opposed to helping them.

Adam David Jones

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I am a violence survivor and a small business owner. Since being attacked in Harrisburg, I have dedicated my life to preventing violence and helping others navigate the judicial system so they get their fair shake at justice. The man who attacked me was acquitted by a jury though caught covered in my blood with […]