Journeys: Season 3, Episode 20 – Daniel Hodges

Guest(s) in this episode:

We got to speak with Daniel Hodges, one of the founders of the Peaces of Me Foundation, about his journey, inclusion and a whole lot more!


00:00 Intro 02:30 Daniel’s Journey 15:03 Shifting The Paradigm 18:35 Meet People Where They Are At 21:16 Greater Access = Greater Opportunities For Advancements 22:30 Overcoming The Fear And Embracing Change 24:46 Breaking Stigmas With Honest Dialog 26:20 About Daniel’s Peaces Of Me Organization 30:00 Integration With The Disability Community 32:37 Myths, Lies and Just Innocent Ignorance 35:31 Vocational Rehabilitation Is Ableist and Harmful 39:02 Valuable Resources and Support Systems Are Needed 41:57 All Of Humanity Is Designed To Be Interdependent 44:18 Abled & Disabled Supports 45:00 Daniel’s Projects And Contact Info 49:18 Thriving Successfully Despite Barriers 52:28 Hope & Inspiration

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