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Don’t forget to join us this Monday, May 29th, when we speak with Michael Hingson – Chief Vision Officer at accessiBe. We talked in-depth about accessibility, inclusion and how he turns perceived weaknesses into strengths!
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“It’s interesting the people that don’t address the issue of accessibility and useability on their website are leaving out, according to the Center for Disease Control, 25% of all Americans because the number of people…well the percentage of people with disabilities, as we normally define it in this country, is 25%. Do you really want to lose 25% of your potential business? Or do you want to address it? And also, making your website accessible will help in your Search Engine Optimization as well…um…and so it’s important to do that stuff.”
“And one of the other things that really impressed us is, you know, when you’re browsing through accessiBe’s site, you get a real sense of the level of inclusion and the whole ethos behind the company and that instills real confidence in us as customers and partners and what we want the world to look like going forward.”
“A lot of times, the experts are the ones without any disability whatsoever…I mean, we’ve discussed everyone has a disability…maybe there’s problems with that word…in the sense that…”
“No there aren’t. No there aren’t. And here’s why. We have no problems changing the definitions of words. We’ve changed ‘diversity’ to deal with race, gender, LGBTQ and so on and not include disabilities. Inclusion can’t go that way. But disability does not mean or should not mean a lack of ability. Disability is a characteristic. And it is a characteristic that everyone has in one form or another. So-called disabilities may very well reflect different characteristics for different people, but it doesn’t need to be considered a negative thing especially if you look at it in terms of the fact that everyone who is light-dependent has one.”

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