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Journeys: Season 3, Episode 19 – Victoria Moore

We spoke with Victoria Moore who created the Tap For All dance program to create more inclusion for people with disabilities!


00:00 Intro
02:42 Victoria’s Journey
07:03 A New Journey For Dance
08:53 Beautiful Ability Within A Disability
10:38 Adapting Choreography
12:00 ‘Peg Leg’ Bates, Gene Kelly & Donald O’Connor
15:17 Tap Gloves & Educating For Tap For All!
17:58 Presentation At Abilities Expo
19:55 Bridging The Gap
21:04 Covid’s Awkward Positives
23:28 Finding Hope After Discrimination
28:04 Familiar Surroundings
29:01 Communication & Interpretation Through Tap
31:56 Finding Your Joy, Your Purpose
36:30 Changing The Perspective
37:25 Memory Care & The Power Of Music
41:22 Giving Access To Shine
41:55 Explaining The Tap For All Program And Mini Classes
44:45 How To Get Your Own Tap Gloves
46:07 Getting Others On Board
46:35 Victoria’s Website, Book And More
47:17 What Rules?
48:14 Disability Resources
50:17 Disability Research & Reviews
53:00 Actual Change, Actual Engagement
55:03 A Double Edge Sword That Requires Creative Minds
56:20 Different Disparities
1:00:03 Victoria’s Contact Recap

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