Journeys: Season 3, Episode 21 – Michael Hingson

We talked in-depth with Michael Hingson – Chief Vison Officer at @accessiBe – about accessibility, inclusion and how he turns perceived weaknesses into strengths!


00:00 Intro
03:13 Mike’s Journey
14:00 A Disability Unknown
16:04 Humble Beginnings of PC Based CAD
17:00 A Drastic Change of Plans on 9/11/2001
20:18 Understanding Safety Measures and Routes
21:05 Becoming A Keynote Public Speaker And Ira
23:12 An Unlimited World Found With accessiBe
24:04 Working with accessiBe and Starting a Podcast
26:04 Terminology Is Evolving, Negative Connotations
32:53 Disability Characteristics
34:16 Quit Justifying Negative Stigmas
36:00 Turning A Perceived Liability Into An Asset
39:39 Valued Accessibility = A Better World
41:45 accessiBe Explained
49:24 A Welcomed Collaboration
52:50 Frontiers Of Accessibility
55:41 The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advantages In Accessibility
59:35 Unapologetic Advancement
1:02:03 Don’t Repeat History, Do Your Research
1:04:28 Mike’s Website & Contact Info

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