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Regan Linton

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, as a soccer athlete slash theatre performer who loved the Tao of Pooh and wanted to effect good in the world.

While an undergrad at University of Southern California (USC), I was paralyzed in a car crash, and my worldview paradigm was fundamentally altered. Supported by amazing entities like Craig Hospital and Swim with Mike, I subsequently served in AmeriCorps, got my Master of Social Work, and found myself back on a theatre stage with the disability-affirmative company Phamaly, where I began developing a new artistic aesthetic that incorporated my disability as an asset.

I got my MFA in Acting at UC San Diego, and have since worked at top regional theatres from Denver to Broadway.

I have directed theatre musicals, plays, and Shakespeare, and film and webseries projects including the award-winning documentary imperfect about professional actors with disabilities.

I have written and created original theatre and on-camera projects that amplify the disability perspective, and I am a regular featured contributor to New Mobility Magazine.

I have held a number of diverse leadership and teaching roles, including 5 years as Artistic Director of Phamaly, instructing at colleges and universities, and advising around disability inclusion, creative leadership, and accessibility, for businesses, artistic projects, academic institutions, and organizations.

I love my creative work and getting the opportunity to work with eclectic humans. My style is active, honest, practical…balancing detail with the 40-thousand-foot view, rooted in optimistic realism and a human-centric ethic.

I believe in slow and steady, to do lists, empathy, wabi sabi, taking responsibility, badass disability narratives, yin yang, not making excuses, baby steps, noodles of all types, and Mr. Bean.

I strive to be part of projects that are extraordinary and change-effecting while also entertaining and unpretentious. Give me the gritty, messy, crazy, humorous, quirky, unbalanced, powerful, asymmetrical, injured, witty, intelligent, and complicated.

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