We have three podcast/YouTube series! Journeys, Journeys Guest Updates and Under The Surface.

We broadcast on Facebook and YouTube and also upload the audio to the other platforms. To hear/watch past episodes, click one of the buttons below.

Journeys is a bi-weekly series in which we feature the personal stories of individuals within the disability community and give them a platform.

New Journeys episodes will be put out the first and third Wednesday of the month at 10 A.M. Central – 11 A.M. Eastern

Journeys Guest Updates is an occasional series. On Journeys Guest Updates, we take some time to catch up with our favorite Journeys guests.

Under the Surface is our roundtable discussion series where we take a deep dive into topics that are relevant to those with different abilities.

We’re on a lot of other platforms! We’re probably on your preferred podcast platform.

Search for “M4G Advocacy Media” and you should find us.