Journeys: Season 3, Episode 28 – George D. Williams

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On this episode of Journeys we talk with advocate, author and caregiver George D. Williams about caring for his autistic son, his books and much more!


00:00 Intro 01:46 George and Nathan’s Journey 07:46 Addressing Needs Fairly 13:40 Media’s Harmful Portrayal Of Disabilities 16:20 Nathan’s Misunderstood Communication and Trying To Help Others Understand 19:00 Tackling Difficult Issues With Research and Discussions 21:57 Addressing Toxic Cycles Through Advocacy And Education 25:31 Comforts, Patience And Determination 26:38 Promote Unity Rather Than Division 28:20 Humanity Has Forgotten Who We Are 33:01 The Hero Complex 34:04 George’s Books on Autism 40:28 Positive Analogies 43:02 George’s Speaking Engagements On Autism 44:45 Don’t Get Caught Up In Terminology 47:22 Communication Is So Important 51:24 Embracing Autism 55:36 Masking Is Not A New Concept 58:40 George’s E-book And Audio Book

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