Journeys: Season 3, Episode 29 – Samantha Maxwell

Guest(s) in this episode:

We had a great chat with Samantha Maxwell and her publisher Allan Longshadow about inclusion, accessibility and barriers faced by people with disabilities.


00:00 Intro 03:29 Samantha’s Journey 08:10 Changing Perceptions Together 09:53 Samantha’s Book “CP Isn’t Me” 11:53 Where Experience And Advocacy Meet Respectfully 14:37 A Collective Journey 15:30 Employers And Disability 21:20 A Very Misguided Hierarchy 23:50 Ethical Representation 25:12 Positive Discussions, Mostly Positive Reponses 27:17 Interesting And Valuable Connections 29:02 Samantha’s Upcoming Book 31:49 Advocating Through Resistance With Resilience 36:25 Normalizing Disability In A New Way 41:57 Disability Research 44:30 Relative Equality 45:43 Recap

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