Journeys: Season 3, Episode 30 – Puneet Singhal

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00:00 Intro 02:33 Puneet’s Journey 06:11 Common Souls, Common Goals 10:00 Resources, Communication & Equal Access 15:22 Complicated Dynamics 16:20 Generational Internalization 18:38 Global Advocacy Network 21:17 Redefining Harmful Narratives And Perceptions 24:04 Building Change And Confidence For A Brighter Future 25:11 A Moral And Ethical Purpose 28:03 A Time To Enjoy Life And Belonging 30:47 Changing Our Focus As A Global Society 37:05 A Confusing Technology Right Now 41:17 Preparing For The Unknown 45:27 Billion Strong 47:41 Solutions In Advocacy

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