Journeys: Season 3, Episode 31 – Marjorie Aunos

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Today we spoke with Marjorie Aunos in an impactful episode! She talks to us about creating a more #accessible and #inclusive world, society’s distorted #narratives , #InternalizedAbleism , and the struggles (and strengths!) of #parents with disabilities.


00:00 Intro 02:44 Marjorie’s Journey 20:12 Access To Care In Canada 24:09 Our Children Are Much More Empathetic and Inclusive 32:52 Little Town vs. Big City 35:51 Where Discrimination Lies & Outdated Disability Laws 39:20 Adaptive Parenting With Support 41:00 Inequality Of Resources and Access 46:38 Changing Perspectives & Unlearning Internalized Ableism 51:00 When Indulgence Is Dangerous 53:51 Missing The Important Lessons In Humanity 55:32 Marjorie’s book ‘Mom On Wheels And A TED Talk

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