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Samantha Maxwell

Samantha Maxwell has written about her own experiences of living with mild Cerebral Palsy, with the setbacks and discriminative language received during her life. The book, titled CP Isn’t Me, is part autobiographical and part factual, and aims at breaking the stigma associated with disability.

Samantha, who lives in Wrexham, shows that disability is no barrier to being able to lead a normal life. She has a degree in graphic design, and a graphic design job in the motorsport industry, and a part-time job designing and selling posters, but just because she is in a wheelchair, that is what society sees.

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CP Isn’t Me

This book was written to break the stigma of disability by sharing my own personal experiences of living with mild Cerebral Palsy.

As my story shows, regardless of ability, we are all able and entitled to live a normal life without being penalised for doing so.

It’s time to rethink the idea of CP.

It’s time to rethink disability as a whole.

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