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George D. Williams

George D. Wiilliams is an Autism advocate and author who is passionate about issues related to adults on the spectrum. Working to educate employers about the many benefits of hiring adults on the spectrum. Writing will continue to focus on the comprehensive needs of the Autism population including housing, health care, financial planning, and employment.

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Misdiagnosed And Misunderstood

Women on the autism spectrum are disproportionately misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. They continue to be misunderstood in every facet of society, even though their presence is undeniable. Misdiagnosed And Misunderstood tells their story.

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Who Will Care For Them

Who Will Care For Them takes a comprehensive look at adults living with autism in the year 2040. The author explores life for middle aged autistic adults living in a world full of social and technological changes.

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Mount Up With Wings

Mount Up With Wings is a call to society to move beyond awareness of autism and embrace its practical components. There are two major areas worthy of consideration before the transition from autism awareness to full inclusion can take place.

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