Journeys: Season 3, Episode 27 – Nicole Smith

Join us as we talk with Nicole Smith about her parenting journey as a caregiver for her daughter. We discussed navigating the medical system as a parent of a child with a disability. We talked about society’s prejudices in general and much more!


00:00 Intro
02:14 Nicole’s Journey
13:00 Lessons We Are Missing
15:58 The Joy & Honor Of Raising A Child With A Disability
19:24 Teaching And Learning
21:24 Cultures Create Disparities And Value With Hierarchy
27:17 Advocating For Their Needs
32:00 An Opportunity To Thrive
33:12 Aging Out Of The Support Within The School System
34:58 Person-centric Instead Of Program-centric Approach
39:00 Cosette’s Beach Experience And Encouraging Her Individuality
41:44 Setting Kids Up To Be Their Best – Despite Differences or Abilities
43:52 Explaining A System That Is Toxic
48:07 Follow The Money
52:25 Trusting And Following Your Instincts
54:30 Discerning Who Respects Our Value
1:01:05 Human Rights & Dignity Defense
1:03:11 Pro Dignity, No Doubt Podcast
1:05:50 Honest Stories Bring Humanity, Encouragement & Love
1:06:11 Outdated Terms And Funny Memories
1:08:39 Technological Advancements And Communication
1:17:15 Resources For A Better Tomorrow

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