Journeys: Season 3, Episode 26 – Simon Manda

Guest(s) in this episode:

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00:00 Intro 02:19 Simon’s Journey 03:35 ThisAbility Newspaper Is Born! 05:37 Growth & Economic Impact 09:25 Media Representation & FAME Week 15:42 Progressive Inclusion Realities 20:00 South African Tokenism Is Called Fronting 22:53 Intersectionality Of Us All & Advocating For A Better Future 28:28 Seeing The Possibilities And Making A Difference 32:02 Collaborative Creativity Networks 35:46 Impactful Laws Of Worldwide Equality & Equity 43:47 Issues of Poverty, Education & Affordability Disparities 49:12 Pay It Forward Mentality 59:03 Positive Initiatives Lead To Positive Impact 1:01:38 AccessAbilities Of Dubai 1:04:30 A Collective Advocacy Hope

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