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Journeys: Season 3, Episode 25 – Lya Badgley

We talked to Lya Badgley about her book The Foreigner’s Confession! Contribute to the conversation by leaving a comment.


00:00 Intro
02:18 Lya’s Journey
13:52 An Outlet of Hope and Encouragement
16:54 The Influence Of Media
18:00 Generational Biases
21:04 Blessings In Disguise
26:21 Ability, Disability And Redefining Terms
31:12 Language Shows Us Who We Are And Teaches Us Who We Have Been
32:57 Handicapped History
34:27 Language And Expression Is Very Powerful
38:50 Lya’s New Book: The Foreigner’s Confession
42:27 Coming Out Soon: The Worth Of A Ruby
42:58 Conflict Zones and Trauma
43:42 Ableism, Racism, Sexism, Etc.
47:14 Opportunities And Unapologetic Dialog
48:12 Seeing The Gifts Through Pain

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