Journeys: Season 3, Episode 24 – Adam David Jones

Guest(s) in this episode:

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00:00 Intro 02:19 Adam’s Journey 13:57 A Solution To Protect 16:45 Cutting Through Biases 19:57 AI Arguments & Self Regulation 21:27 Discerning Who Will Use AI In Positive Ways For All Of Humanity 23:21 AI And Emergency Services 24:00 Zeer Safe 27:31 Disability & Entrepreneurship 31:25 Community With Synchronicity 32:30 Building Our Own Opportunities 38:38 When Preparation Meets Opportunity Through Acting 41:37 Adam/Zeer Website & Contact Info 44:42 Building Connections, Finding Honest Investors 47:21 Encourage. Educate. Empower!

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