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Piper A. Hutson, EdD, is distinguished in neurodiversity, art history, and education, blending these disciplines to promote inclusivity in art and urban spaces. Holding a Doctorate of Education, focusing on adult learning and art history, both in academic and professional fields as a Corporate Art Curator and as an Adjunct Professor at Lindenwood University. Her scholarly contributions include co-authoring several influential publications in peer-reviewed journals, while addressing critical intersections between NeuroHealth, digital inclusivity, and learning styles. Her accomplishments includes curating over 30 exhibitions across the country and co-author to two books under Palgrave-McMillian Inclusive Smart Museums: Engaging Neurodiverse Audiences and Enhancing Cultural Heritage and upcoming Sensemaking and Neuroaesthetics: Neuroarts and the Spectrum of Neurodiverse Experiences.

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