Journeys: Season 4, Episode 5 – Piper Hutson

Guest(s) in this episode:

Piper Hutson

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00:00 Intro 02:28 Piper & Bishop’s Journey 07:36 The Challenge Of Unlearning Ableism 10:25 The Neurodiverse And Intersectionality Experiences 13:42 We All See/Hear Through Unique Lenses That Should Connect Us 16:24 Synesthesia Book Research 17:20 Learning To Not Undermine Life Experiences 20:37 Sensory Maps, Opened Resources and Creative Minds 24:39 Intuitive Connections And Physiological Safety 27:15 Investing In Inclusion And True DEI Initiatives 30:49 Assistive Teaching And Individualized Education Plan (IEP) 34:32 Inclusive Neurodiversity Programs 38:40 AI’s Lack Of Neurodiverse Knowledge 42:14 Rejection & Societal Expectations in Corporate Culture 50:33 Piper’s Projects, Books And Contact Info 55:06 Media Usually Has A Negative Connotation 57:13 Respectful Healthcare = More Connection & Productivity

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