Journeys: Season 4, Episode 8 – Debra Ruh

Guest(s) in this episode:

In this episode of #Journeys we spoke with Debra Ruh, the CEO of Ruh Global Impact and co-founder of Billion Strong! #WeAreBillionStrong #BillionStrong We get into how Debra’s working towards building a global community of people with disablities and much more…


00:00   Intro
02:53    Debra’s Journey
08:06   Discerning Who Divides & Who Unites Us All
09:17    Billion Strong ( #WeAreBillonStrong or #BillionStrong
12:36    A Renewed Interest In Inclusion
14:09    Lloyd’s Of London
17:03    Innovations & Disability
18:06    Lived Experiences, Not Assumed Experiences
22:11     Being Community Focused
25:46    Your Purpose, Your Legacy
27:54     Steps To A Better Tomorrow
34:40     A Toxic Society & Why Masking Was Necessary
38:41      Billion Strong’s Mission & Being Supportive
41:47      Corporate Posing
43:20     Obvious Inclusivity
45:10     Unprecedented Opportunities & Collaborations
55:56     Identify, Kindness & Acceptance
1:04:15     Stifling Institutions & Conformity
1:08:13     An Evolutionary Process

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