Journeys: Season 4, Episode 9 – Tanner Gers

Guest(s) in this episode:

In this episode of #Journeys we spoke to Tanner Gers, #Paralympian and the Managing Director at AccessAbility Officer. Topics of conversation included: accessibility, biases, disability employment and a whole lot more!


00:00   Intro
02:52   Tanner’s Journey
15:05    Making Opportunities (AccessAbility Officer)
19:11    Generational Trauma Shifting
23:11    Baseball For The Blind Explained
29:01   Vocational Rehabilitation
36:54   Post Covid & The Cultural Shift
41:53    LinkedIn And Other Platforms’ Accessibility
52:58   Doing What’s Beneficial To All Humanity
55:23    Tanner’s Contact Info And Upcoming Projects

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