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Tanner Gers

Before founding AccessAbility Officer in 2021 and launching the Certified AccessAbility Testing Program in 2022, Tanner unexpectedly joined the disability community when he woke up in 2004 as an adult in the hospital totally blind as a result of being in a terrible auto accident. Tanner found sports for the blind several years later, re-igniting his love for competition. Tanner went on to become a US National Paralympic team member, 2011 ParaPan American gold medalist, 2012 Paralympian, 2013 World Championship team member, 3-time National Beep Baseball Association World Series MVP and Hall of Fame inductee, as well as being a 2-time National Champion in track cycling. Blind sports helped drive Tanner to succeed in other areas of his life, including as a professional and TEDx speaker, published author, and podcaster.

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