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Matthew Dickson

My name is Matthew Dickson. I’m a Canadian who is trying to help people in developing countries with no mental health care. I’ve suffered from mental health problems myself (schizophrenia). My heart goes out to people in impoverished or war-torn countries who have to experience not only the torment of mental illness, but the traumas of poverty or horrors of war as well. I bicycled across Canada when I was 20 in the middle of getting an engineering degree. I wanted to do more fun stuff like that – travel, explore. At 22 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was very difficult, but I want to point out the vast strength we all possess. Navy SEALs are taught that they are capable of 20x more than they think they are. I believe it. I was called to do things that were “seemingly” impossible. But the point is, you can do them. They “seem” impossible, but they’re not! Don’t give up. Stay hopeful! You might amaze yourself!

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