Journeys: Season 3, Episode 16 – John Morris PART 1

Guest(s) in this episode:

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0:00 Intro 2:35 John’s Journey 11:24 Wheelchair Travel’s Humble Beginnings 13:02 Living In A Non-Disabled Bubble 14:38 Sharing the Message of Inclusion and Recognition 17:34 Humanity and Healthy Co-dependency 19:48 The Potential That Exists 22:00 Impactful Opportunities 23:34 Prosperity, Peace and Your Legacy 26:35 We Are All Teachers and Students of This World 28:10 Travel Blessings 30:39 Unlikely Interactions 35:53 New Perspectives Restructured 43:01 Sharing Inside Intent 44:24 Discerning Where The Actual Toxicity Lies 46:06 Equality vs. Equity 50:00 A New Approach 51:06 Surface Level Initiatives 54:29 Removing Most Toxic Biases 55:02 A True Self Assessment 58:37 Join us next week for Part 2 of John’s Journey!

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