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Jason P. Harris

Jason is an Autistic person who is an accomplished and experienced speaker, researcher, and educator with a passion for improving the lives of people with disabilities. Interested in social, cultural, and media depictions and perceptions of disability in today’s world. Focused on developing relationships both in the disability and non-disability communities to broaden the discourse to expand upon the intersectionality of disabled people and multiple personalities such as equity, inclusion, identity, race, and gender and how they impact the Disability and Human Rights narrative. Team player who enjoys learning from others and developing strategic initiatives to advance transformational change to include and empower people with disabilities.

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Jason’s Connection

Jason’s Connection is a Facebook page and website connecting adults with disabilities and others with diverse needs regarding Disability, Mental Health, and Aging. We are a community platform with a focus on Acceptance, Disability Culture and Identity.

Founded in 2013 by Jason Harris (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonpharris07/), an Autistic Adult, Jason's Connection shares current news and information through a Cultural/Societal lens for adults with disabilities and others regarding diverse needs including disability, mental health, and aging. We share a diverse mix of thought-provoking content with a focus on Disability Culture and Identity that impacts, challenges, and encourages discussion to broaden awareness and inclusion to enrich people's lives. The website also provides an organic list of national resources.

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