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Annie Streit

Annie Streit has been a wheelchair user since a diving accident in May of 2005.  She has spoken to many groups about her accident, adapting to life in a wheelchair, and overcoming obstacles. She has a true passion for working with children and being an advocate for those with disabilities. She plans on being able to use her books as another way to reach out and educate children on the importance of acceptance, and being able to see past outward appearances and differences.

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Annie Streit on M4G Advocacy Media

Journeys: Season 3, Episode 34 – Annie Streit

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United Spinal Association Advocacy Network Facebook Page

Help United Spinal Association paint this map a brighter orange by signing up to represent your legislative district as a member of our Grassroots Advocacy Network. Only registered advocates are eligible to attend our Roll on Capitol Hill and Virtual Advocacy Days.

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United Spinal Association

United Spinal Association represents America’s 5.5 million wheelchair users. They proudly trace their roots to the paralyzed World War II vets who came home to an inaccessible nation and made it their new mission to create a fully inclusive society. The United Spinal Association honors them by using today’s tools to directly provide top-notch service and resources to their members, chapters, and the broader disability community.

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