Journeys: Season 4, Episode 3 – Chloe Hammond

Guest(s) in this episode:

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00:00 Intro 01:53 Chloe’s Journey 07:44 The Medical Model & Social Model in Healthcare 10:44 No One Is Prepared For An Ableist Society 15:12 Ridding Internalized Ableism 16:00 Business, Airlines & Accessibility 19:58 Being Misunderstood In Chaos 24:27 A More Valuable Process 25:33 Individualized Care 32:00 Stigma, Discrimination & Tokenism 39:59 Hospital/Rehab Experience 43:32 Dismissive Experiences 46:33 Forced To Choose 52:15 DNA, Chemicals, Etc. 56:29 Meet Chloe’s Service Dog, Ocho

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