Journeys: Season 4, Episode 2 – Kristin Parker

Join us as we talk to Kristin Parker – the owner of Lots Of Dots LLC in Texas – about her #journey , #braille and inclusion.


00:00 Journeys Intros
02:35 Kristen’s Journey
11:24 Worthy Purpose
18:50 What Are We Doing?
20:37 Seek An Inclusive World
23:23 Helping Others Experience The World Through Braille (Lots Of Dots)
29:50 Making A Difference By Transcriptions
31:32 Good Business Accessibility*
38:59 The Barbie Movie & ASL
42:07 Prioritizing Humanities Needs*
46:22 Gen X Reminiscing: Napster & Flip Phones
49:03 Majority Of Businesses And Human Connection
52:40 No Excuses. The Practicality Of Accessibility
58:07 Creative Innovations And Accessibility
1:07:33 Re-Shaping Cookie Cutters
1:08:52 Being Receptive And Breaking Down Barriers
1:10:32 Division Or Seclusion Was Not The Answer
1:13:34 Forced Isolation And Covid*
1:15:54 The Perfect Storm
1:27:25 Kristen’s Contact Info

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