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Independent Audiobook Production & Narration From the Man Who Wrote the Book On Audiobook Creation for Authors Richard Rieman, “The Audiobook Wizard,” is the Chief Wizard at Illustrated Audiobooks, making children’s illustrated books accessible to all children by creating audiobooks with audio description of the pictures for blind, low vision, and ALL children. Richard also produces videobooks with captions and sign language for deaf and neurodiverse children through Imagination Storybooks by DCMP. Richard has narrated and produced hundreds of Indie-published audiobooks. He is the author of the Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing, “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation.” 720-507-5970 Richard’s new book, “The Day the Clouds Went Away,” is available as a PDF download in the store. Available in hardcover and paperback this Spring. Join Princess Claudia on an unforgettable adventure as she learns the vital role clouds play in the world. Guided by her wise owl, Iris, and a bumbling wizard named Fumbledore, a nearly blind Claudia discovers that sometimes the things we take for granted are the most important of all. "The Day the Clouds Went Away" is a beautifully illustrated whimsical tale that shares the importance of clouds in our lives, even on rainy days.

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The Day The Clouds Went Away

The Day The Clouds Went Away

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