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Dani Izzie smiling in her wheelchair with her twin girls.

Dani Izzie

In Dani’s words: “Hi, I’m Daniela, affectionately called Dani. ???? I live in rural Virginia with my husband, Rudy, and our twins. As a disabled woman, I hope this website will be a place where I can share not only my personal journey as it relates to being a wheelchair user and mother, but other voices of the disability community as well.

If you are not disabled yourself, I hope you will find a new level of comfort with ideas about disability through my lifestyle Blog, our upcoming documentary film, “Dani’s Twins”, and the other sections of this site. Hopefully, you also become uncomfortable with any outdated preconceptions about disability.

If you are disabled, and particularly if you are a wheelchair user or a woman living with paralysis, I hope you find a few resources here including info on the Quad Squad group, and some too-often scarce information on pregnancy & parenting.

I think we are living in a time where there is a shift happening in the way people like me are being represented. As I see more activists, entertainers, creators, and influencers with disabilities diversify media, the consumer market, and leadership roles, I am excited about how they can change the world and refresh our ways of thinking.”

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Dani’s Twins

Dani’s Twins documentary provides a rare, intimate look into the topics of disability, pregnancy and adaptive parenthood, viewed through the lens of one woman’s personal journey. Within the context of this high-risk but joyful pregnancy and new parenthood adventure, the film’s thematic focus is on normalizing disability.


Dani Izzie uses her blog and website to not only share her personal journey as it relates to being a mother in a wheelchair, but also other voices of the disability community.

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