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Shai Anbar sitting on his front porch.

Shai Anbar

As a businessman-turned-aphasia advocate, Shai’s sole intention is to raise awareness about aphasia so that it becomes more than just a term in a medical textbook. He’s using a platform to shine the light on disability—specifically on aphasia—where resilience and inspiration are not always household names.

Shai was born in Jerusalem, 1960. He lived and worked in a corporate setting on six continents. Over twenty-plus years’ experience, his diverse background ranged from established companies to fledgling secure tech startups. Shai earned a B.A. from Rutgers-Camden University in New Jersey and a Master’s in Philosophy from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ, with his partner, Suzanne.

Shai is the author of Goddess Aphasia, a hybrid of memoir and creative nonfiction that depicts the arduous journey of a stroke survivor diagnosed with aphasia, with a quirky twist: the personified character of Aphasia herself.

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