Journeys Guest Updates – Ann Crowe


00:00 Intro
04:12 Ann’s Update With Rock Steady Boxing
08:28 Adapting and Re-adapting
10:05 Finding Blessings In The Midst Of Change and Fear
11:35 A Connected Labyrinth of Journeys
12:50 Identifying Your Purpose Through Self-Acceptance
17:00 Humor In Disastrous Anxiety
18:52 Helping Others Discover Their Purpose Too
22:02 Voices Of Hope
25:01 Confidence = Real Humanity & Fun!
27:10 Lost & Found Benefits Of Friends Who Show Up
28:23 Generational Realizations
30:33 Seeing The Joy and Encouraging It
36:25 Reshaping Internalized Behaviors
40:14 Appreciating Where You Are Now
42:40 Valuable Lessons, A Story Of Hope, Courage And Being Authentic
46:24 Spoons, Sailors & A Tool Box
57:46 Adding To And Adapting Your Own Tool Box
1:02:07 Aging And Becoming Disabled
1:04:45 Life’s Shared Connections

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