Annie Streit

Annie Streit has been a wheelchair user since a diving accident in May of 2005.  She has spoken to many groups about her accident, adapting to life in a wheelchair, and overcoming obstacles. She has a true passion for working with children and being an advocate for those with disabilities. She plans on being able […]

Samantha Maxwell

A picture of Samantha Maxwell in her power wheelchair smiling in front of a table.

Samantha Maxwell has written about her own experiences of living with mild Cerebral Palsy, with the setbacks and discriminative language received during her life. The book, titled CP Isn’t Me, is part autobiographical and part factual, and aims at breaking the stigma associated with disability. Samantha, who lives in Wrexham, shows that disability is no […]

George D. Williams

George D. Wiilliams is an Autism advocate and author who is passionate about issues related to adults on the spectrum. Working to educate employers about the many benefits of hiring adults on the spectrum. Writing will continue to focus on the comprehensive needs of the Autism population including housing, health care, financial planning, and employment.

Lya Badgley

Lya Badgley smiling, wearing a black leather jacket and white/grey curly hair.

Lya was born in Yangon, Myanmar. The child of a political scientist and a multimedia artist, she grew up in a household that encouraged critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity.She moved to the Pacific Northwest in the eighties, becoming a part of the Seattle arts and music scene.In the nineties, Lya opened a restaurant in Myanmar, […]