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Advocacy Media

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Samantha Maxwell

Samantha Maxwell has written about her own experiences of living with mild Cerebral Palsy, with the setbacks and discriminative language received during her life. The book, titled CP Isn’t Me, is part autobiographical and part factual, and aims at breaking the stigma associated with disability. Samantha, who lives in Wrexham, shows that disability is no […]

Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson wearing an off-white dress shirt with a gold and blue patterned necktie. Michael is shown feeling the face of his yellow Labrador retriever, Roselle.

On September 11, 2001, a blind man escaped the World Trade Center by walking down 78 flights of stairs with his guide dog. Days later, America fell in love with Mike and Roselle and the special bond that helped them both survive one of the country’s darkest days. Immediately after the 9-11 tragedy, Michael was […]

Eileen Grubba

Eileen Grubba smiling

Eileen Grubba is an award-winning actress, producer, writer, member of the Television Academy, lifetime member of The Actors Studio, and Brand Ambassador for Global Disability Inclusion. TV appearances include CSI: Vegas, HBO’s Watchmen, SWAT, ALL Rise, Criminal Minds, NBC’s New Amsterdam, Game Of Silence, Netflix The Politician, ABC Stumptown, FX Sons of Anarchy, Bones on […]

Cort Schneider

Cort Schneider walking with his forearm crutches.

Cort is a dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate educator who has an extensive teaching and experience in Disability Services at the college level. In addition, has leadership experience and history of serving students in multiple capacities at the university level. Deep understanding of higher education policy, cultural diversity, and the role of community college in higher […]

John Bramblitt

John Bramblitt smiling in front of some of his paintings.

John Bramblitt is an artist living in Denton Texas, his art has been sold in over one hundred and twenty countries and he has appeared internationally in print, TV and radio. He has appeared on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, ABC, NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel and BBC Radio and TV to name a few […]

Anthony Frisina

Anthony smiling wearing a blue shirt and glasses in his wheelchair.

Anthony Frisina has a passion for accessibility and inclusion. He is driven by a community in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was born and still calls home today. Born with Spina Bifida he was privileged to adapt a “person first” mentality in his early years, a mindset he currently embodies in his every day life. “Adversity […]