Liam R. Findlay

A photo of Liam R. Findlay

Liam enjoys a career in the design and storytelling of immersive themed attractions, employing energy and creativity to provide memorable guest experiences. He specialises in ideas development and preliminary design, with particular experience in puzzle escape rooms and edutainment. For AromaPrime, themed scenting company for attractions, he uses his design experience to guide venues in […]

John Morris

John Morris sitting in his power wheelchair.

My name is John Morris. In the Fall of 2012, a car accident changed the course of my life. Severe burns laid claim to three of my limbs, making me a triple amputee. Shock, fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness. Yes, I grappled with all of those emotions. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. […]

Randi-Lee Bowslaugh

Randi_Lee Bowslaugh smiling wearing a black sweater, glasses and purple hair.

Randi-Lee was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and from a young age, she had a passion for helping others. She attended Niagara College and graduated at the top of her class from Community and Justice Services after completing her placement at a recovery house for alcohol and drug addictions. Post-graduation, she worked at a […]

Michelle Lee Steiner

Michelle Lee Steiner smiling wearing a red sweater.

Michelle Steiner is a disability, writer, advocate, and paraeducator. She published articles on The Mighty, Non-Verbal Learning Project, Dyscalculia Blog, The Reluctant Spoonie, Imagine the World as One Magazine, and Word Gathering. Recently she began a blog called Michelle’s Mission. Her photographs were featured in Word Gathering and Independent and Work Ready. She works as […]

Debbie Waltz

Debbie Waltz smiling, wearing a white sweater in front of a Christmas tree

My name is Debbie. I am a 40-year-old with big dreams and hopes for the future. Fresh out of college, I hope to use my knowledge and communication skills to inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter what. I am blessed to be living in a country where opportunities are endless; but sometimes as […]

Shelley Nearing

Shelley Nearing wearing black glasses.

Words have power and language, and phrases make one think. I want to do my part to help educate people who want to learn about disability and other dehumanizing language to change their vocabulary. This blog is not for being politically correct or what the right wing says is “woke”. I am working on this […]

Regan Linton

Regan Linton smiling in a green shirt.

I grew up in Denver, Colorado, as a soccer athlete slash theatre performer who loved the Tao of Pooh and wanted to effect good in the world. While an undergrad at University of Southern California (USC), I was paralyzed in a car crash, and my worldview paradigm was fundamentally altered. Supported by amazing entities like […]

Rosemarie Griffin

Rose Griffin smiling, wearing a green blouse.

I am a speech language pathologist and a board certified behavior analyst. I didn’t even know what a speech therapist was until I shadowed a fellow Ohio SLP in my freshman year at The University of Akron. I observed her work with a variety of clients working on articulation, functional communication training and language based […]

Lisa Louis

Lisa Louis and her son Sean smiling, standing on a hill by the sea.

Lisa Louis created, a guide for the millions of families like hers with an autistic family member to experience the joy of nature. HikingAutism features more than 170 hikes accompanied by 1,900 stunning nature photos. The outings range from five mile hikes on Mt. Tam in Marin County to rambles through the streets of […]

Annie Streit

Annie Streit has been a wheelchair user since a diving accident in May of 2005.  She has spoken to many groups about her accident, adapting to life in a wheelchair, and overcoming obstacles. She has a true passion for working with children and being an advocate for those with disabilities. She plans on being able […]