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Diane Strand

In 2014, Diane co-founded the nonprofit 501c3 JDS Creative Academy (JDSCA), which offers education,
training & apprenticeship, programs in all disciplines of visual, performing and digital arts. As the executive director and producer at JDSCA, Diane has established a state approved apprenticeship, a Title 17 Vendored program with Inland Regional Center and VAPA approved K-12 creative enrichment courses. JDS Creative Academy located at JDS Studios, services the entire Temecula Valley and surrounding regions with a mission to inspire, educate, and enhance achievement in video production and workforce development by providing job skills and hands-on training in the visual, performing and digital arts. JDSCA works with foster and at-risk youth, autistic and developmentally disabled adults, as well as, mainstream youth, teens and adults. Creating cross-collaborative enriched workforce training, in a creative safe environment for all. The annual Digifest Temecula hosted by JDSCA established in 2017, and the multi award winning program Spirit of Innovation launched in 2018 streams online and is broadcast throughout the Riverside County on several local stations.

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JDS Creative Academy

The mission of JDS Creative Academy is to advance education and training in the visual, performing and digital arts: theatre, music, creative writing, fine art and digital-production art. JDS Creative Academy classes and programs fulfill the VAPA requirements, per the California Education Standard for k-12, the Apprenticeships Standards for the State of California and the Title-17 training standards for Inland Regional, providing hands-on training to the home school, online school, traditional school, and trade-school populations. JDS Creative Academy provides opportunities to gain creative enrichment, self-confidence, leadership, and collaborative skills so that our students can obtain the expertise needed to advance to higher arts education and prosper in a competitive marketplace.

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