Sheldon Lewis

Sheldon Lewis smiling at his laptop, wearing a blue dress shirt.

I am an experienced Sales Director and Partnership Maker. With 40+ years as a business executive, I have had several exits, managed cross-functional teams, consulted on SaaS tools, and expanded businesses globally all whilst being diagnosed with the rare disease Choroideremia as a child which has rendered me Blind. Today, I am proud to merge […]

Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson wearing an off-white dress shirt with a gold and blue patterned necktie. Michael is shown feeling the face of his yellow Labrador retriever, Roselle.

On September 11, 2001, a blind man escaped the World Trade Center by walking down 78 flights of stairs with his guide dog. Days later, America fell in love with Mike and Roselle and the special bond that helped them both survive one of the country’s darkest days. Immediately after the 9-11 tragedy, Michael was […]

Rosemarie Griffin

Rose Griffin smiling, wearing a green blouse.

I am a speech language pathologist and a board certified behavior analyst. I didn’t even know what a speech therapist was until I shadowed a fellow Ohio SLP in my freshman year at The University of Akron. I observed her work with a variety of clients working on articulation, functional communication training and language based […]

Fish Lee

Fish Lee smiling, with a grey and white beard in front of a tree

Fish is a Christ follower, husband, father, friend, artist, drummer. He is an artist living with Tourette’s syndrome, best known for his “Tourette’s Life” cartoons and T-Man & HyperStrike.