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Melanie Dunn

“The Aimee Copeland Foundation has been a life saver for me! At a time when I was at my lowest, Aimee was a bright light that helped to pull me through. I had recently lost my left leg below the knee making me a double amputee. I had lost my right foot only a few months earlier due to Necrotizing Fasciitis. I followed Aimee’s story from the beginning and she was such an inspiration to me. Getting involved with the Foundation and volunteering so that I could give back to others and get out of my own head, start becoming active again, and stop being depressed about my situation was vital to my own recovery. The people associated with ACF are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and the programs have been a great outlet for my creativity and energy.” – Melanie Dunn

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All Terrain Georgia

All Terrain Georgia is an initiative of Aimee Copeland Foundation (ACF) in partnership with Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Their goal is to enable people with mobility impairments to enjoy the nurturing and healing qualities that the vast natural resources Georgia has to offer. They have a vision of an inclusive Georgia where everyone has the opportunity to live and play in their own community.

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Aimee Copeland Foundation

At its heart, Aimee Copeland Foundation seeks to make the seemingly impossible possible again for all people who have experienced a disability – from the wheelchair-bound toddler to the elderly person who wishes to garden again – and everyone in between.

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