We have three podcast/YouTube series! Journeys, Journeys Guest Updates and Under The Surface.

We broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube and also upload the audio to the other platforms. To hear/watch past episodes, click one of the buttons below.

Journeys is a series in which we feature the personal stories of individuals within the disability community and give them a platform to tell us about their journeys. Journeys airs the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month at 10am Central/11am Eastern.

Journeys Guest Updates is an occasional series. On Journeys Guest Updates, we take some time to catch up with our favorite Journeys guests.

Under The Surface is a roundtable discussion series on various topics that affect the disability community. This format is an opportunity for us to hear a range of perspectives. 

We’re on a lot of other platforms! We’re probably on your preferred podcast platform.

Search for “M4G Advocacy Media” and you should find us.