Celebrating Disability Pride Month

An image of multi-colored blocks with letters spelling out inclusion, acceptance and equality

We strive to help our community, disabled or not, understand the often difficult issues faced. Please join us in celebrating DISABILTY PRIDE this month by watching both our Journeys and Under The Surface series. This month our topic is RESILIENCE which most of us have a lot of!-

Keely Cat-Wells, in her Forbes article beautifully captures the essence of what I want to convey: “Be proud. Navigating this world filled with ableism is tough and navigating our conditions can also be a challenge. I am constantly learning that we can be proud of being Disabled and yet still have a complicated relationship with our disabilities.”

Yes, let’s be proud. Our disabilities are a part of who we are, and they shape our experiences and perspectives. We have the right to celebrate our lives, our achievements, and our identities as disabled individuals.

But let’s also acknowledge that it’s okay to have a complicated relationship with our disabilities. It’s okay to have days when we struggle. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be human.

Relationships with disabilities are complex. There are days I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and there are days I’m frustrated, exhausted, and left without spoons simply due to the overwhelm of daily management.

This month, let’s also celebrate the change-makers among us. Let’s honor the tireless work of disabled activists who have paved the way for a more inclusive society. Who have been relentless in their advocacy for disability rights. We owe so much of our own strength to them and countless others for their wisdom and wit surrounding disability. Our community is one of continued support, encouragement, and shared experiences for which we will be forever grateful.

Let’s use this upcoming month to not only celebrate but also to educate. Let’s share our stories, our challenges, and our triumphs. Let’s show the world the beauty, diversity, and strength of the disabled community.

And to our non-disabled allies, we ask you to join us in this celebration. Listen to our stories, support our causes, and work with us to build a world that is inclusive and accessible to all.

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