Victoria Moore smiling and holding her book - Tap Dance For All.

Victoria is a master tap instructor with over 40 years of sharing her love, knowledge, and expertise of tap dancing in dance conventions coast to coast in the U.S., as well as studio, and private settings.

In 2018, Victoria realized that tap dance was singularly exclusive to non-disabled dancers, leaving those with disabilities and any kind of mobility impairment out. Victoria not only created a way to turn the art of tap dancing from exclusive to inclusive, she wrote a book on the subject so that everybody, not just those who have fully functioning physiques, could learn and enjoy tap dance. – excerpt from

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The cover of the book Tap Dance For All by Victoria Moore and Joan GerrardTap Dance For All

The first of its kind, this book focuses on the value of inclusivity in the tap dance studio, instructing on how to bring the rhythmic world of tap dance into the lives of individuals living with disabilities or mobility issues. No longer should those with mobility challenges be denied the opportunity to enjoy the unique delight, challenge and excitement of tap dancing.